Arkansas Valley Electric Cooperative

Case Description

When AVECC’s aging on-premises Shoretel system reached its end of life, they needed a reliable replacement phone system that was easily deployed and easy to manage and maintain moving forward. Finding a new solution fell to AVECC’s Technology Coordinator, Brian Orrick, who turned immediately to long-time communications partner TeleComp, a leading technology solutions provider for businesses in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas, as well as for organizations throughout the United States



Replace aging ShoreTel phone system


Select a reliable replacement that would be easy to deploy with minimal downtime


Partner with a local expert who could perform local maintenance when required

Recommended Solution

mitel platinum partner

Mitel Cloud Solution

AVECC Benefits


TeleComp was familiar with existing phone system, so cut over was seamless with no downtime


The Cloud Solution allowed employees during the pandemic to work remotely just as if they were in the office.


Moving to the Cloud reduced the need for physical hardware on site to manage and maintain.

“As an essential business, providing power to our customers became even more critical during the pandemic, so it was essential for us to be able to pivot quickly and maintain the level of service our customers were used to,” said Orrick. “TeleComp and our Mitel Hosted Solution helped us do that. We’ve worked with them for many years and the professional relationship has always been second to none.”

Brian Orrick

Technology Coordinator, AVECC