It’s just a fact – every organization needs a phone system. There’s no reason to suffer any longer with a system that is clunky and out-of-date.

Experience the ease and mobility of TeleComp’s customizable, scalable, and cloud-based phone solution.

Whether your organization needs 10 phones or 10,000 phones, we are here for you. The TeleCloud system is completely adaptable to your needs and effortlessly flexible for today’s multi-location, constantly changing work environment.

TeleComp’s expert team of technicians handles the complete installation of your new phone system and provides continuous support to make sure your system is operating at full capacity.

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TeleComp provides several cloud options and we will work to find the best solution for your needs.

TeleCloud is TeleComp’s exclusive, completely customizable and scalable phone system. TeleComp is also a Platinum Solution Provider of Mitel products, the highest level of distributorship in the United States. We offer PRI, SIP and Open Internet phone systems, Contact Center Solutions and Mobility Solutions.


Scalable, from 10 to 10k phones


Customizable to your unique requirements


100% cloud-based for maximum efficiency