Protect business infrastructure and proprietary data with TeleComp managed security solutions

You’ve heard of a bank or a museum being “as secure as Fort Knox,” but why not your network as well?

Organizations of all sizes, including yours, are vulnerable to attack in today’s world. Keep your company’s network, data, finances, and domain safe with TeleComp’s FortNOC Managed Solutions.

TeleComp offers a portfolio of security solutions that work separately or in tandem to proactively monitor your network and shut down threats before they become major issues. With access to a customized combination of FortNOC products, you can create the mix of security, data protection, Disaster Recovery and proactive monitoring services that will most benefit your team.

These services are fully customizable to your organization’s needs and are managed in-house by TeleComp’s team of Security and Backup experts.

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FortNOC Command
A complete IT Service Desk and Network Operations Center for your business.

Users receive 24/7/365 access to our service desk for individual assistance.Our 24/7/365 NOC monitors internal systems to ensure uptime and availability of servers and business critical applications aligning client goals.

FortNOC Command reduces downtime, maximizes productivity, and provides fast resolutions to any issues that arise.

FortNOC Connect
A fully managed network connectivity service with industry leading equipment and monitoring

FortNOC Connect includes enterprise class Access Points offering basic (WiFi 5) or advanced (WiFi 6) service. It also includes enterprise class switching with basic and advanced models offering L2, L3, PoE and PoE+ capabilities.

All equipment is remotely monitored, tuned, and managed 24/7/365, with proactive fault management, notifications, and escalations as needed.

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FortNOC Secure
A complete Security Operations Center to investigate and hunt down all threats

This solution includes an email gateway to help filter threats through email, and end users receive security training to help stop threats at the user level.

FortNOC Secure includes industry leading protection for servers that comes with application whitelisting capability, ransomware protection and rollback functionality, and malware detection via machine learning and AI powered software.

FortNOC Vault
A fully managed backup service with onsite and offsite backups to protect your data

TeleComp’s FortNOC Vault solution includes a fully-featured backup with an onsite BDR along with offsite replicated storage.

FortNOC Vault guards against full site loss and ransomware attacks. It includes quick hardware loss recovery with failover to TeleComp BDR.

internet wan services northwest arkansas