CXM | Customer Experience Monitoring & Management

Leverage leading-edge call recording, screen recording and other customer experience solutions with TeleComp’s CXM offerings.

Your business is unique. Your call recording should be, too. 

Many organizations require custom features that aren’t available in off-the-shelf call recording platforms. You’ll find most providers are incapable or unwilling to do custom programming for your needs. But CXM Professional Services will gladly customize your system. 

TeleComp’s CXM offers a portfolio of Call Recording, Screen Recording, Performance Evaluation & Coaching, PCI/HIPAA Compliance, Powerful Reports, Searches, and more! 

These services are fully customizable to your organization’s needs and are managed in-house by TeleComp’s team of CXM specialists.

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CXM Call Recording
Improve Customer Service, Experience, and Revenue. Keep Your Customers Happy. Reduce Your Liability. Stay Compliant.

With CXM call recording systems and software, you can record your phone calls quickly and easily — without breaking the bank. Comply with new policies and government regulations while improving customer experience and enhancing your bottom line.

CXM Screen Recording
Improve Customer Service. Record Screen/Desktop-only. Discover Order Discrepancies.

Add screen recording to get the full picture of your team’s performance. CXM synchronizes audio and video playback from inbound and outbound calls, so you can comprehensively review staff performance and customer interactions and responses.

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CXM Performance Evaluation & Coaching
Well-trained, Confident and Happier Agents. Customizable Evaluations & Scorecards. Track Agent Progress Overtime.

Get a crystal-clear view of team member performance, then help them make continuous improvements to their customer interactions using CXM Agent Evaluation (Scorecard), with built-in Coaching and E-learning features.

CXM PCI & HIPAA Compliance
Eliminate Risk of Data Breaches. Highest Levels of Security. Extremely Cost Effective.

Protect your organization against data breaches and achieve PCI and HIPAA compliance by capturing everything you need, and nothing you don’t. CXM ConForm prevents sensitive information from being recorded by automatically pausing whenever a customer shares sensitive information (credit card numbers, security codes, social security numbers, etc.), then automatically resuming immediately after. While screen recording, sensitive data does not appear on screen or get recorded.

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