The TeleComp Story

TeleComp’s story has always been about keeping an eye out for the next great opportunity and not being afraid to look while leaping. Founded in 2003 in the unique entrepreneurial hotspot of Northwest Arkansas, TeleComp has always had a scrappy, start-up mindset.
When Chris Beaty took the helm as CEO in 2019…

…he steered TeleComp into an exciting period of growth and expansion that has only just begun. In the past two years TeleComp has expanded to several locations throughout the Southeastern United States including Little Rock, Tulsa, Cushing, Houston and Plano. 

Growing from a team of just 35 in 2018 to one of the largest providers in the region in 2020 was significant…
and rapid growth for TeleComp, but the company has not lost sight of its vision – to provide high quality, customizable  I.T. Solutions with an emphasis on customer service and community.
Despite TeleComp’s growth, we still sustain strong ties with the communities we love…

We provide top-notch technology solutions for your organization but maintain a friendly and accessible feel to our customer service. We really care about what we do, and we want you to have the best solutions for your organization – solutions that really make sense.

In 2020 TeleComp adopted a new logo that represents the spirit and culture of our company – The TeleComp Hummingbird

Our sleek, tech-savvy hummingbird represents our responsiveness, flexibility and lightning-speed efficiency. We continue to fly forward while providing the expertise and partnership our customers need.