July 10, 2019 – TeleComp has been recognized as an AT&T Platinum Elite Partner, the highest level of sales and service for an AT&T partner in the United States. TeleComp was named an APEX (AT&T Partner Exchange) Platinum Elite partner for consistently servicing and billing over six figures monthly.

The AT&T Partner Exchange program allows TeleComp to provide businesses with AT&T products, primarily high-speed fiber internet, which TeleComp purchases wholesale and then sells at retail. The TeleComp customer’s advantage in choosing AT&T, via TeleComp, is when it is bundled with other TeleComp products and services, such as telephone systems, computing services, SD-WAN, or enterprise WiFi, TeleComp can determine what the discounted retail cost of AT&T fiber will be to the customer.

Additionally, TeleComp’s own local employees provide 100% of AT&T communication, customer service, proposals, ordering, billing and network issues, which provides a better customer experience when using AT&T products and services.

TeleComp has been a member of the co-branded APEX program with AT&T since January 2014.