Cybersecurity Liability Insurance Essentials

Like most insurance, you purchase Cyber Liability Insurance hoping you never have to use it. But adequate coverage can be the difference between successfully recovering from a cyber event or going out of business. ALL businesses should have cyber liability insurance!

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TeleComp Compliance Programs

Advanced Security Services

TeleComp offers everything you need to add essential security layers to your organization’s cybersecurity tools, including the identification of blind spots inside and outside of your network as well as testing existing security controls against potential cyber-attacks.



Compliance as a Service provides toolsets and guidance to help organizations meet the requirements of Cybersecurity standards. If your organization is facing challenges performing Risk Assessments, procedures, and tracking your progress, this solution could be your answer.


Virtual Chief Security Officer

TeleComp’s vCSO Service manages a multi-faceted security strategy and governance program to help protect your organization’s sensitive data and capabilities. The vCSO brings together IT, Security, and Compliance to educate leadership on risk, threats, and business impact.