Video Conferencing

TeleComp provides video conferencing and audio-visual solutions specifically designed for your company or organization.

Video conferencing solutions are more than just a substitute for in-person communication. TeleComp’s visual communication solutions expand your reach, improve productivity, and enable better communication. We supply and install video conferencing equipment for businesses, schools, organizations, and software to utilize HD-quality video on any device attached to your network and put your business on screen.

Video Conferencing and Visual Communication Solution Benefits

– Conduct meetings in private, virtual conference rooms
– Connect with anyone, anywhere, at any time, easily and without the need to purchase more hardware
– Employ a robust video conferencing or visual communication solution
– Enjoy features like native HD, multipoint functionality, and high sound quality
– Set up and conduct meetings flawlessly with seamless calendar integration
– Works with desktops, devices and business phones
– Enjoy complete security with full integration to existing security policies and procedures

lifesize2 LifeSize HD Video Conferencing
Imagine streaming a live presentation to colleagues around the globe. Or recording an important meeting in crystal-clear high definition – and then replaying it anytime, anywhere. When you combine the LifeSize Video Center with any 220 Series or Passport endpoint you can archive your information for future use – time and distance are no longer a concern. Now it’s easier than ever to share your ideas with anyone, anywhere in the world.
vitel Vtel Video Conferencingvtellogo

The VTEL IPanel seamlessly blends advanced HDTV viewing, PC applications, Internet applications, and advanced H.323 and Skype videoconferencing. The amazing thing about Vtel is it can use a Internet Wireless AirCard (3G/4G) to communicate with your users. Extremely popular in the Education market for classroom mobile carts and distance learning opportunities.

mimio mimiologoMimio Interactive Boards

Full integration is a unique benefit of the MimioClassroom™ family of products. Each of Mimio’s tools are easy-to-use, powerful technologies on their own, but all of our products are designed to work together, using powerful MimioStudio™ software. Using several products such as Mimio Teach, Vote (interactive assessment), Capture and mobile teacher Pad gives the teacher maximum flexibility. That means less setup work for you and more time to teach!