Internet and WAN Services

TeleComp has extensive experience providing internet carrier services to businesses, governments, education insitutions, medical operations, and financial enterprises. TeleComp wants to get you connected with reliable, high speed internet services, as well as optimizing your Wide Area Network (WAN).

We started out in business internet carrier services, and while we’ve expanded our services we haven’t forgotten how to maximize the benefits you can enjoy from high speed business internet services. TeleComp also provides WAN and SD-WAN services, optimizing these to provide your business or organization with visible business internet connectivity and security.

Benefits of using TeleComp for Internet and WAN/SD-WAN services:

– Streamline your carriers into a singular point
– Project Management from TeleComp
– Trouble tickets and billing disputes resolved by our internal staff, not you!
– Optimize your WAN and SD-WAN for speed and security
– Enjoy high-speed business internet
– Reduce data latency

wireline We handle pre-order consulting, the ordering of business internet and WAN services, troubleshooting and billing disputes!


att-alliancehTeleComp is a Solution Provider for AT&T, Comcast, CenturyLink, SuddenLink, Cox Communications and many other business Internet Service Providers.  We also represent all other national business internet carriers depending on the geographic area.  When you order your internet services through us, we do all the work free of charge for the term of the contract.  Fiber, PRI, MPLS, eWAN, MetroE, IPFlex, SIP, U-verse, DSL, Cable Modem, etc. are all standard offerings from many carrier choices.  When carriers compete, you win!

TeleComp is also one of a select few partners in the AT&T Partner Exchange (APEX) Network.  We purchase all the great AT&T products you are used to at wholesale prices, then sell them to you at a reduced cost. And when you are a customer of TeleComp in different areas, such as VoIP telephone systems, Carrier Services, and perhaps enterprise WiFi and / or Video Conferencing, we bundle the price rates that are far BELOW what the market dictates!

TeleComp offers Bill Auditing Services, analyzing all of your technology bills (Local & LD phone, internet, data, and wireless) for accuracy and consistency. From cramming/slamming erroneous charges to negotiating credits and renegotiating carrier contracts, TeleComp has a successful track record with saving our customers money. On average, we find approximately 30% savings on a typical voice, internet, WAN, and mobility bill. We’ve been able to save many customers tens of thousands, to hundreds of thousands of dollars on their annual communications spending.