Roger Thomas

Chief Business Officer



Roger was CEO of TeleComp for 14 years, 2003 – 2017. As of February 2017, IPC Communications acquired a majority share of TeleComp, and Roger became Chief Business Officer, responsible for sales and growth of the new company.  This change allows Roger to focus more on our overall business strategy, marketing and customer relations, and the long term growth of TeleComp. Roger’s experience as a self-employed person started through his telecommunications company, TeleCompNET, in October of 1994. Then, with Gino Capito, TeleComp’s CTO, they purchased Dixieland Computers, and changed the name to TeleComp. At the time, Dixieland Computers was the only technology VAR in the Bentonville, AR area supporting the Vendors / Suppliers of Walmart, and along with Gino’s computer networking business, Platinum Technologies, these three companies created one TeleComp. His expertise in telecommunications field goes back to the actual break-up of the Bell and AT&T phone companies in the early 80’s. Roger worked for Alltel from ’83 – 85, MCI from ’86 – ’92, and then LDDS and BellSouth until he started his own business in the mid 90’s. If numbers impress you, Roger has led our TeleComp sales and service team to be the #1 AT&T Solution Provider for the state of Arkansas every year since 2005, and one of the top AT&T SP’s in the nation. TeleComp has received the prestigious recognition of the AT&T nationwide Circle of Excellence award while winning countless awards in the decade old tenureship of the program. Under his leadership, TeleComp has sold and currently services thousands of multi-meg bandwidth installations, and customers across the United States, Mexico, Europe, South America and Asia. Most recently, TeleComp’s team has become the #4 partner for Mitel nationally. This Platinum Level of partnership between TeleComp and Mitel was led by the largest single sell in TeleComp history with the implementation of 7,000+ seats at the University of Arkansas Medical Sciences. This successful “win” was made possible by all three IT teams, TeleComp, UAMS and Mitel, working cohesively.  Roger is very active in local community groups and served as Vice President of the Northwest Arkansas Children’s Museum (now Scott Family Amazeum) Founding Board of Directors from 2009 – 2012, and served as an elected Alderman on The City of Bentonville’s City Council from 2013 – 2014. Locally, Roger plays music (guitar and sings) at church, in local establishments as a solo artist, as well as a regional blues band called The Downtown Livewires.