TeleComp Adds VeloCloud Networks

Designing and implementing WANs is nothing new to TeleComp!  Being a partner with many carriers for almost two decades, we’ve lived the evolution of the WAN – from ISDN to Frame Relay to MPLS to Metro Ethernet to VPN and now to SD-WAN technology.  MPLS is rock solid but costly, time consuming to install and at a relatively slow speed.  VPN uses lower cost, higher speed bandwidth but is typically unreliable and difficult to manage many devices and IPSec tunnels.

VeloCloud’s Software Defined WAN technology with built-in QoS/Remediation technology combines the best of both worlds.  This allows BYOB internet pipes for redundancy, higher speeds, lower cost and rapid deployment in your current infrastructure (Hybrid) or replacement sites.  Couple all that with a simple management and monitoring portal….well, that’s a winning solution!

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