TeleComp Supports Innovation in the Customer Contact Industry

6/27/2019 – Roger Thomas of TeleComp has been busy at this year’s Customer Contact Week in Las Vegas researching innovations in the industry, and there are many.

TeleComp knows as well as you do that when a consumer has a problem, they are connected to the Customer Contact Industry, otherwise known as Call Centers and Contact Centers. Did you also know that in recent years, rather than just calling Customer Service, several enhancements for quick and effective contact has become available to the consumer?

The new trend in the Millennial generation is chatting, texting or emailing the company’s customer service division when a problem needs to be solved. This trend is not going away. You may think the company’s phones are not involved in this process because there is no originating phone call, but believe it or not, this service also originates from the business’ phone system.

Another exciting innovation is being achieved through artificial intelligence. With the help of AI, when a customer calls, chats, or emails Customer Service, their past buying history and other relevant information can be made available to the Contact Center Representative. Companies are gaining AI insight on their consumers through the usual places like search engines, but also through new and creative tools that are proprietary to those Contact Centers.

TeleComp is excited to announce that we are providing these solutions for our existing customers regionally and nationally and will be pursuing new business acquaintances to activate these solutions! TeleComp prides itself on continuing to offer leading-edge technology to its customers and always staying in-tune to meet customers’ needs.