TeleComp Acquires New Bentonville Space!

Apr 3rd, 2013

TeleComp Celebrates 10 Years In Business With New Office Purchase, Move

Bentonville, AR (April 2nd, 2013) – TeleComp of Bentonville, AR announces today that it recently purchased a 4,600 square foot piece of property at 207 South Main Street in the growing, dynamic Downtown Bentonville, Arkansas area. The projected move-in date is July 1st, as TeleComp will be celebrating its 10th year in business on this date. For the past nine years, TeleComp has resided at 1720 South Walton Boulevard in Bentonville, leasing property from Douglas Properties.

TeleComp is a “B-to-B” IT Consulting Firm who has three primary focuses of business:

Business office technology solutions such as VoIP phone systems, LAN Servers, Video Conference and WLAN, among other products.

On-site Network Engineering and remote Managed Services for businesses.

Carrier (AT&T, Windstream, Cox, Verizon, etc.) business sales involving circuits and bandwidth sales, such as voice lines, internet bandwidth and WAN circuits.

Roger Thomas, CEO and Principal Partner of TeleComp, said “When our lease came up for renewal last year we had several decisions to make. One decision was to exit our residential computer repair business, which is less than 3% of our overall business revenue. Unfortunately, that small part of our business currently occupies 25% of our leased office space. The other decision was to either buy property or to lease property again. We knew that chances were slim that we would stay in the same space, which was a tough decision because our current property owner, Dan Douglas, has been as much of a business consultant as he has been a landlord. But as most folks in Northwest Arkansas know, Downtown Bentonville real estate is coveted. We found this opportunity to buy and started negotiating with the owner.”

Gino Capito, President and CTO of TeleComp, stated “Residential computer repair has been part of our business, part of Bentonville, via our previous acquisition of Dixieland Computers, since 1992. Home computers are so inexpensive nowadays; repairs many times exceed the cost of a new PC. Mobile products have overtaken the desktop PC in the past few years, as well. We naturally approached several local consumer computer repair businesses, in an effort to sell the assets of that segment of our business. Unfortunately, we were not able to secure a feasible transition to another company in a time frame of our move. In essence, this small part of our business was really a ‘community service’ that we provided, as there was no net profit in it for us. So, in the same spirit of what we felt were community service actions, we will give that business away to local computer shops in the area. And on that note, we want to thank all our loyal residential consumers that have used TeleComp over the years and will help with the transition any way possible.”

TeleComp has hired Bill Norwood of Norwood Construction and architect Dan Townsley to perform the new renovation. TeleComp anticipates moving in between June 15th and July 1st of this year. A complete interior demolition, interior redesign and renovation are needed before move-in. The exterior entrance will use the existing stone, estimated to be over a hundred years old, while at the same time a new design will be created to match the artistic culture of Downtown Bentonville. The new plans reuse much of the original interior brick and wood features as is salvageable as well as incorporating newer Green technologies. For more information, visit There will be posting progress pictures of the renovation in the coming days.

Speaking of “culture”, Thomas added, “We very much look forward to adding employee culture for our team with this move. At TeleComp, we hope that our internal working culture of individual employee leadership keeps our team intact. Competitive salary and benefits are a must, and we understand that. But the energy of Downtown Bentonville, of shops and restaurants, walking and biking trails, and the growth of other businesses in the area, has all of our team excited about the move.”