Introducing TeleComp’s Agent Program

May 15, 2019 – As our company grows and continues our mission to increase customers’ efficiency through progressive office technologies, we are ready to expand into other regions and introduce a new avenue to our current business: The Agent Program. TeleComp has never been in a more dynamic position in our 16-year history!

With our Agent Program, we would like to invite similar business technology companies outside of our home region to enhance their technology services with additional products and services from TeleComp. This move positions TeleComp as a Master Agent, with the goal of expanding our relationships with other technology companies in several key markets. These markets include Dallas/Fort Worth, Wichita, Kansas City, Springfield, St. Louis, Memphis, Nashville, and more.

The two types of Agents TeleComp is seeking are Independent Sales Agents (ISA), for whom TeleComp will provide customer billing, and Resellers, who will bill TeleComp services directly to their customers.

Our differentiator in the marketplace is our ability to provide technical and logistical support for our partners when they are selling and installing TeleComp services. Additionally, TeleComp’s response time to provide solutions and pricing will be comparably faster than normal response times in the Agent space, allowing our Agents to quickly provide answers to their customers. For more information, contact